Buyers Have Many Choices

There are many, many homes and condos on the market for sale. So your home is competing for the attention of homebuyers.  In most cases, homebuyers spend very little time looking at pictures of your home online, or when driving by your property.  The first impression your home creates has a lasting impacting on what prospective buyers think about your property.  The process by which homebuyers form their impression is subjective and differs from one homebuyer to the next. So it is important to repair or upgrade (if possible) broken, outdated, or un-maintained characteristics of your home.  In some cases, it may be as simple as cutting the grass and trimming trees and plants, and in other cases, major renovations may be needed.

Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Just put yourself in the position of a homebuyer and try to figure out what others may like and dislike about your home. Ask your neighbors to provide a candid assessment of what thing they believe would improve the marketability of your home. When needed, solicit the advise of professionals such as landscape consultants, real estate agents, painters, interior designers, home staging professionals, etc.


Be sure to consider both the outside and the inside of your home. Remember, a homebuyer’s first impression of your home will influence their decision to make an offer or continue looking. Based on the information you obtain, prioritize repairs and upgrades that will get you the most “bang for the buck.”  Your real estate agent can provide you some recommendations about upgrades proven to provide a good return on investment.

Common Repairs and Upgrades

So what are some of the most common repairs and upgrades that sellers’ undertake? Well, it’s back to the basics. A fresh coat of paint inside and out, new carpet, upgraded kitchen appliances, a through cleaning, new light and plumbing fixtures, working doors and windows, maintained and landscaped front and back yards, and a through de-cluttering of all spaces inside and outside the house. Anything you do can leave a good first impression on your buyers. Most of the time, people who are looking to sell their houses are doing fresh paint on the walls because that’s the thing that gets the attention of the buyers the most.

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of Sold New Home Against a Blue Sky

The first things they notice are the walls, the yard, roof and paint. If all four of these factors are brilliant, the buyers are more likely to make up their minds on buying that particular house. Most people pay attention to the tiniest details and investing in those four factors by be the determining thing whether or not you will be able to sell your home. Of course, it’s up to you but the recommendation would be to do as much as you possibly can before you sell the house simply because you will be able to get a better price for it if you do. Please contact us to obtain a no-cost consultation about repairs and upgrades that may increase the chances of selling your home in a timely manner for the price you want.