The community of Scripps Ranch is situated in the northern inland region of San Diego County. Communities adjacent to Scripps Ranch include Mira Mesa to the west, Santee to the east, Rancho Bernardo to the north, and Tierrasanta to the south. Located between Interstate 15 and Marine Corps Base, Miramar, Scripps Ranch enjoys a seclusion that can well be the envy of anyone who has experienced the lifestyle of a crowded city. The 7,000 housing units around Scripps Ranch stands testimony to the fact that it is a small town situated in a large metropolis.

W. Scripps founded the community of Scripps Ranch in the 1890’s as a health spa. Since then, the community has become one of the most popular places to live in San Diego County. Visitors and tourist alike gravitate to Scripps Ranch for the breathtaking views of the nearby mountains, and for the mirror-still waters of Miramar Lake. Scripps Ranch is a unique residential community.


The community offers a scenic landscape of rolling mountains and a lovely countryside with magnificent groves of eucalyptus and pine. Scripps Ranch also boasts of parks, nature trails, wildlife and a variety of attractions and outdoor entertainment. This well-planned township with its spacious neighbourhoods is any home buyer’s dream. There are choices aplenty at the Ranch if you are looking at a real estate purchase; Scripps Ranch offers excellent homes for sale that suit all budgets.


For the discerning home buyer, Scripps Ranch offers attractive selections of contemporary and stylish homes and condos for sale. Located amongst beautiful tracts of eucalyptus trees in well-maintained neighbourhoods, Scripps Ranch homes and condos for sale have their own individual charm.

Scripps Ranch is one of the more modern residential developments in San Diego County. The real estate market in Scripps Ranch offers diverse options for unique homes for sale including condominiums, townhouses, apartments and single-family homes, with a majority of homes consisting of middle-income and upper-middle-income modern homes. Scripps Ranch is known for its pristine landscape, natural open spaces and integrated parklands, remarkable community facilities, and affordable homes and real estate for sale. If you are considering buying or selling a home, condo or any other real estate in Scripps Ranch, then contact us right away. We have agents who assist buyers and sellers in the Scripps Ranch real estate market.


Price Range of Scripps Ranch Real Estate, Homes and Condos for Sale


There are many real estate options in Scripps Ranch. Two-bedroom condos or townhomes in Scripps Ranch start in the mid $200,000s, while three-bedroom single-family homes start in the mid $400,000s. If you are considering buying a home, condo, or any other real estate in Scripps Ranch, then contact us today to get answers to your questions. Just recently, we put a lot of efforts to improve a nice condo that will fit anyone’s bill if they are looking to buy or rent a place. Since Scripps Ranch is a really nice place to live, we strongly believe that this home will be passed on to the right hands. With our latest home improvement solutions, the new owners can expect a lot of good and very useful surprises.


Of course, we are always opened to any sort of negotiations on the matter of how they think their home should look. We are completely prepared to acknowledge any home improvement suggestions and recommendations coming from our clients as their satisfaction is our ultimate goal in the end. For all who are in love with the magical beauty of nature, we have so many good homes in the offer to choose from that you will have a hard time to make your choice. We are always at your disposal for any sorts of information or questions that you might have. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details.