Author: Henry Pham

Tips For Home Sellers

1. The Internet, Internet, Internet… The Internet has transformed the real estate industry. In the past, most homebuyers found homes by driving around to different communities with their agent. Now, well over 75% of homebuyers begin their home search on the Internet. So the name of the game is getting your home in front of as many buyers who are likely to buy your home. If you are thinking about selling your home, do a search on the Internet for real estate, homes and condominiums for sale in your community. Notice, which agents consistently rank on the first search...

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Home Improvement Tips You Must Know

Home improvement can be a very difficult thing or it can be entirely fun, it depends on you and the task before you. When it’s time for some repairs and improvements, the sooner you get to work, the earlier you’ll finish.  It doesn’t matter if your home is new or not, if you feel like a few good home improvements would make you feel better, you should put yourself to work. There are numerous things that you can do to improve your home in many ways and the good thing is that not all of them require extremely hard...

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